Nestled in one of the highest-need communities in East Dallas, the Emmanuel Community Center is an all volunteer-led organization focused on providing essential services to those most in need. Each week hundreds of individuals are provided with fresh groceries as well as nutrition and health guidance by our partners at UT Southwestern.  


ECC is committed to serving our always-evolving community and contribute to the foundational wellness of our neighbors with targeted, relevant programs.

The primary mission of the Food Pantry Services at Emanuel Community Center (ECC) is to provide healthy, supplemental groceries to families that face food insecurity. Those who have food insecurity have inconsistent access to adequate food due to limited financial and/or other resources and are twice as likely to have health problems including diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression.

In the United States, 22% of us – including one in four children in Dallas, are food insecure.


To help address food insecurity, the ECC Food Pantry Services provides our clients with one week’s worth of groceries each month; on average, the ECC provides over 100lbs of food for a family of four. Food may include a variety of:

  • Grains – Cereal, oats, pasta
  • Fresh vegetables – Carrots, potatoes, squash, onions, eggplant
  • Fruit – Blueberries, grapefruit, oranges
  • Dairy (for those under 18 and over 60) – Milk, cheese
  • Meat – Chicken, ground beef, deli meat

In addition to groceries, the ECC also provides our clients with food samples of groceries distributions, opportunities to attend cooking classes and referrals to outside agencies.